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"This is a compelling and convincing account of the single most fascinating relic in the Christian world. Anyone seeking to understand the significance and history of the Shroud of Turin should read this book.”



Murder, a true crime scene, controversies, leading scientists’ investigations, and a startling NASA study. “An incredibly detailed image of the man on the Shroud shocks the world and befuddles believers and skeptics alike. How to explain such a phenomenon?” writes Robert Orlando, award-winning writer, filmmaker, and director.

When Orlando was first approached about making a documentary about the Shroud of Turin, he was skeptical of the project—and the Shroud itself. Then he came across conflicting opinions in history and science. This, along with his desire to learn more about the life of Jesus and make sense of the final things, led him to investigate “a new crime scene.” His new documentary inspired this book with the same title.

“The murder of Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter from a small town outside of Jerusalem, became the most historically debated crime scene in all recorded history,” Orlando explains. “Not only do people debate the historicity of the event, but unlike most other crime scenes, there’s a religious element. The murder of this simple carpenter somehow launches the largest, most widespread religion of modern times.”

Through his scholarly and detective work, Orlando fascinatingly connects historical, archeological, scientific, art, and theological research to unveil:

  • Evidence that dates back to the time and place of Christ

  • The results of a startling NASA study and leading scientists’ research

  • A biblical clue to where the Shroud may have been hidden

  • What Jesus experienced according to science, history, and Scripture

  • A miraculous healing from the Shroud following the resurrection 

Also included is a timeline of the Shroud’s history and an introduction to the key witnesses of Jesus’ Passion, death, and resurrection. While retelling the story of Christ through the lens of ancient customs and traditions, Orlando breaks open the mysterious discovery of the Shroud.

Orlando lays out numerous opinions and fact-based arguments in these gripping pages and systematically separates fact from fiction. He raises the question: Is the Shroud the connection between faith and science? If the Shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus, it is the key to unlocking the world’s greatest mystery and shedding light in an age of disbelief. In the words of Orlando, “The death of Jesus is the most consequential death in human history.”

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“I am not a believer in the Shroud, but the subject undeniably remains fascinating, and Orlando’s work is both informed and entertaining. Readers will, with his personable guidance, enjoy debating with themselves what they should make of this most famous of all Christian relics.” 


—Dale C. Allison Jr., Princeton Theological Seminary, author of The Resurrection of Jesus: Apologetics, Polemic, History.


"Whatever you think about The Shroud's authenticity, Robert Orlando is a skilled filmmaker and a great storyteller, whether in print or on film. His story about this famous relic is bound to tease your heart and mind and ask the question: could the Shroud provide scientific evidence about the death and resurrection of Jesus? Read the book, see the film with an open mind, and be surprised by where the evidence leads!"     


-- Ben Witherington, III. Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, emeritus faculty St. Andrews University, Scotland. 

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“Robert Orlando does more than analyze an ancient archaeological object shrouded in mystery. This sleuth, scholar, and storyteller almost irresistibly draws us toward a face-to-face encounter with the one who asks each of us, “Who do you say that I am?” Whoever confronts this crime scene, this question, this face — believer or unbeliever — will never be the same.”


— Andrew Dalton, LC, STD, Professor of Theology, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum

The Shroud of Turin is the most mysterious and controversial Christian artifact that has survived. Could it be the burial shroud of Jesus? Or a medieval forgery, as some think? If so, why can't modern science expose it? Robert Orlando's book adds to the debate and sheds new light on this intriguing mystery. 


– Craig A. Evans, John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins, Houston Christian University

“Robert Orlando is an impressive filmmaker, writer, and thinker. He and I did a book and film on “The Divine Plan”—the inspiring idea about our roles in The Divine Plan. His latest book on the Shroud of Turin strikes me as a further exploration of that same Divine Plan. Ultimately, a plan with an engrossing personal journey that brought him face to face with the divine mystery of The Shroud."


—Paul Kengor, Ph.D., editor of The American Spectator, professor of political science at Grove City College, and author of many books, including The Divine Plan (co-authored by Robert Orlando)

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