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Dear Investor/Donor's,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to you as the author and director of the film "The Shroud Face to Face," seeking your support to elevate our project to a broader American and international audience. Over the past two years, my dedicated team and I have poured our hearts into extensive research, content creation, and on-location filming in Rome, Turin, and Jerusalem, specifically along the "Via Dolorosa." This profound journey has allowed us to compile a compelling story that transcends the boundaries between faith and reason, captivated by the subject of the Shroud. "The Shroud" is the longest-studied holy relic in history and the product of scientific testing. Our film blurs the often falsely drawn line between faith and reason and highlights faith's pivotal role in driving scientific innovation.

My vision was to create a film with a genuine, first-person journey in a media landscape dominated by sensationalism. This narrative includes the personal loss of my father, woven into my quest to uncover the truth behind the Shroud. Audiences have expressed that the film offers a unique blend of authenticity and emotional depth rarely seen in this genre. The Shroud, inevitably, leads us back to the historical Jesus and the scientific evidence surrounding the linen itself. Both elements present compelling arguments from a scientific perspective, albeit with their challenges. Our appeal for support arises from the fact that while the film was launched with seed money and successfully raised a significant portion of the budget, we need additional funding to cover the remaining costs and bring this project to a broader audience. The dedicated efforts of our team, along with their sacrifice of time and resources, underscore the commitment we have to see this project through to its full potential.

Key distributors are already on board, and we have received endorsements from notable figures such as Bishop Robert Barron of the Word on Fire Ministries and support from scholars in major universities. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and we have secured invitations from prestigious institutions like The Museum of the Bible and churches worldwide, including those in Italy and Jerusalem. It's important to note that, in filmmaking, promotional dollars are crucial for reaching a broader audience. Your support will not only help us complete the funding for the film but also enable us to maximize its impact by promoting it extensively. I understand that asking for financial support is not a small request, but I am reminded that even the strongest people of faith, including the Apostles, sought support when needed. I am proud of what we have achieved so far, and I have witnessed the film serve as a powerful conversation starter and source of inspiration for believers and non-believers alike. 


In closing, please consider joining us on this remarkable journey by contributing to our finishing and promotional budget. Your support will be pivotal in ensuring that "The Shroud Face to Face" realizes its maximum potential and reaches the broadest possible audience.  


Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Orlando



If you prefer to donate by check
you can mail to:
The Nexus Institute
c/o The Shroud Film

46 Ben Rush Lane

Princeton, NJ 08540
EIN 80-0712414 501(c3)

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Robert Orlando,
Filmmaker, Bible Scholar, Author

Robert Orlando's films have been shown worldwide and have included screenings at the White House and the Vatican. He founded Nexus Media, a cutting-edge agency offering Fortune 100 companies innovative messaging. As an author, he provides insight into ancient and modern history in books and films. His latest documentaries include Silence Patton and The Divine Plan: Reagan, John Paul II, and the Cold War's Dramatic End, which was #1 at the box office. His books include Amazon Bestseller, The Tragedy of Patton, and The Divine Plan. He's written screenplays and articles on a wide range of topics for HuffPostPatheosNewsmax, and Daily Caller and has been a guest on TV shows with Eric Metaxas and Mike Huckabee and CBN, and makes special appearances at colleges and universities

The Nexus Institute 501(c3) focuses on TV, motion pictures, books and screenplays, along with award-winning documentaries and shorts. Our team has years of experience in media storytelling and developing well crafted engaging content. We invite you to view some of our past projects, and participate in our new initiatives.

The Nexus Institute
c/o The Shroud Film

46 Ben Rush Lane

Princeton, NJ 08540
EIN 80-0712414 501(c3)

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