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JoAnn S.

5.0 star rating

Well written

Review by JoAnn S. on 15 Mar 2024review stating Well writtenI thoroughly enjoyed the book. Appreciated all the research he did and the way he presented it as a detective investigating a crime. I passed it on to my brother. Definite worth the read.

Armando S.

5.0 star rating

Great book

Rosalie M.

5.0 star rating

Great purchase experience.

Joan K.

5.0 star rating

Awesome read !

Awesome read !As a catholic I have always been fascinated by the Shroud. So when I saw this book I had to read it. It is a compelling read - well researched, well written and fuses spirituality and science together. Mr. Orlando crafted this book with the layman in mind and walks you through the history (biblical and historical) of this remarkable relic.

Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating

Wonderful book!

Wonderful book!

Gerry P.

5.0 star rating

The Shroud Face to Face precisely explains the content

The Shroud Face to Face precisely explains the contentI am enjoying the concise explanation for the Shroud

Mary L.

5.0 star rating

An interesting read

An interesting readI bought this book with the intent of a birthday gift for our parish priest. I find it an easy read and yet a compelling, comprehensive presentation of the story of the shroud. Every Catholic needs to know this story.

Steve B.

5.0 star rating


Lots of info I wasn’t aware of…easy read.

Pat L.

5.0 star rating

The shroud, testament of Gods love

The shroud, testament of Gods loveAwesome description of the scientific process. While I required no convincing, still others have their doubts. Pray for them.

John T.

5.0 star rating

A great comprehensive overview

A great comprehensive overviewA great comprehensive overview

Madeline R.

5.0 star rating

Perfect for Lent

Perfect for LentI have been fascinated by the Shroud ever since my father broke the Good Friday no TV rule so that we could watch a program about the Shroud in the 50s. At that time, most of the new testing had not yet been done, but it made a lasting impression on me as a young child. This book is wonderful with a wealth of great information that is presented in...Read MoreRead more about review stating Perfect for Lent

Scott F.

5.0 star rating

Spiritually Revealing

Spiritually RevealingThe book reveals facts about the Shroud of Turin that will spiritually awaken faith in doubters.

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