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Support the Shroud Film and be the first to see it!

Every donor will receive name & photo as a thank you in the film credits, a pre-release to stream the film 5 days before it is released and a kindle version of the companion book.
of $80,000 GOAL
The 501c3 Nonprofit - The Nexus Institute is organizing this fundraiser to raise $250,000 to create a feature-length documentary on The Shroud of Turin  to be shown in theaters, streamed online, and for instruction in museums and classrooms to seek the meaning of Jesus and ask the age old question... Is the Shroud of Turin real or fake? This film will be shown in theaters during Summer 2023. As a donor your name and photo can be featured in the films credits, and you will be granted a license to able to host your own local film premiere at your church, school or group event.

If you prefer to donate by check
you can mail to:
The Nexus Institute
c/o The Shroud Film

46 Ben Rush Lane

Princeton, NJ 08540
EIN 80-0712414 501(c3)


Robert Orlando claims that when we look through the lens of the Roman crucifixion, to find the “criminal Jesus”, we are coming face to face with the most transformative true crime story of Western history.

In a fresh approach, this documentary utilizes a New Testament and storyteller’s eye to examine the evidence behind the world’s most studied artifact and its connection to the historical Jesus. With new digital recreations, expert interviews, and the latest technology, the creators have reconstructed the actual crime scene surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and present a mind- blowing fusion of faith and science for the first time.

Can the evidence behind the Shroud of Turin truly prove the story of Christ? From the bloodstain evidence we know the linen burial shroud did cover a man who suffered a brutal crucifixion, but we can also see details that go beyond a typical Roman form of execution to wounds particular to those suffered by Jesus as recorded in the gospel stories. The blood stained shroud indicates his crown of thorns, wounded side, the whip marks, and the presence of ferritin which proves extreme torment. This is actual blood with traces of hemoglobin, AB+ blood type, and a partial genetic profile, not artistic chemicals or dyes or paint. The film will also take you on a quest where you will see new scientific evidence being brought to light on radiological imagery. The evidence points to its authenticity not only as a burial shroud, but potentially the actual shroud of Jesus.

With the help of scientists and experts, Writer-Scholar-Filmmaker Orlando will reconstruct the narrative using forensic evidence to uncover whether the image on the Shroud could be the actual Jesus.

The church has yet to claim the Shroud’s authenticity, but many popes have venerated it in its home at the Cathedral of Turin. Many skeptics continue to challenge its authenticity, but as Pope John Paul II said, “The Shroud requires every person to grasp its profound message humbly to his reason and life.” In that, the Shroud might “mirror the Gospel.” Orlando agrees that “in our expanding digital age connecting the gospel story with the scientific evidence will spark a renaissance of interest in the origins of the Christian story and its profound impact on World History.”

We need your help! The Shroud Film's goal is to show the film to 18 million people over 18 months in 195 countries. Your donation will help us achieve that goal!
When will the movie be released?
The film will be released in theaters Summer 2023 with 2000 local screening events in theaters. It will also be available to be shown locally with available licenses for churches, schools and groups. (You can receive a license to show the film for a donation of $150 and host your own fundraiser event) 
Who is the filmmaker?
Robert Orlando's films have been shown worldwide and have included screenings at the White House and the Vatican. He founded Nexus Media, a cutting-edge agency offering Fortune 100 companies innovative messaging. As an author, he provides insight into ancient and modern history in books and films. His latest documentaries include Silence Patton and The Divine Plan: Reagan, John Paul II, and the Cold War's Dramatic End, which was #1 at the box office. His books include Amazon Bestseller, The Tragedy of Patton, and The Divine Plan. He's written screenplays and articles on a wide range of topics for HuffPostPatheosNewsmax, and Daily Caller and has been a guest on TV shows with Eric Metaxas and Mike Huckabee and CBN, and makes special appearances at colleges and universities
Why now?
The term "Shroud of Turin" was searched 11 million times on Google last year, showing just how much this is a zeitgeist topic of our times. This film shows how some of the latest science has brought to light some surprising new details. The shroud is the most studied artifact in over the last 500 years, yet there has not been a recent documentary on it in the last 10 years. Today the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. is hosting a breakthrough exhibit that showcases some of the spectacular visual elements of the shroud raising a whole new awareness of its history.
What if the Shroud turns out to be a fake?
It is exactly that question that leads us to do a documentary on The Shroud - and speak with experts on both sides of the issue to undercover the latest evidence in a unique approach that has never been told before. The Vatican has stopped short of calling it  a holy relic, yet Pope Francis called it an"icon of a man scourged and crucified" and in 1940 based on the formal request by Sister Maria Pierina De Micheli to the curia in Milan to obtain authorization to produce a medal with the image. The authorization was granted and the first medal with the image was offered to Pope Pius XII who approved the medal. The image was then used on what became known as the Holy Face Medal worn by many Catholics, initially as a means of protection during World War II. In 1958 Pope Pius XII approved of the image in association with the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus, and declared its feast to be celebrated every year the day before Ash Wednesday.Following the approval by Pope Pius XII, Catholic devotions to the Holy Face of Jesus have been almost exclusively associated with the image on the shroud. In 1936, Pope Pius XII called the Shroud a "holy thing perhaps like nothing else",and went on to approve of the devotion accorded to it as the Holy Face of Jesus.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.40.45 PM.png
Robert Orlando,
Filmmaker, Bible Scholar, Author
$65,255.00 raised of $80,000 goal

Everyone who donates will be featured in the films credits and website with the option to include their name and photo.

Donate $25,000 to be a corporate  sponsor of the Shroud Film (include your branding and url - and professional voiceover at the beginning of the film announcing your partnership)
(2 available)

Donate $10,000 to host a premiere of the film in your city (can be used as a fundraiser) with the option to have Director Robert Orlando or a Shroud expert present.
(3 available)

Donate $1000 and you will receive 

a copy of the hardcover book - signed by author & director Robert Orlando -

and an original signed and numbered 

illustration from the book.

(50 available)

Donate $150 and you will receive a license to premiere the film to your school, group or church at your location the same day it is available in theaters. You may use the film to host your own fundraiser.

Donate $100 and you will receive a 3ftx5ft fabric tapestry of the official shroud film artwork, signed by the artist.  (65 available)

Donate $30 and you will receive a DVD of the documentary 5 days before it is released in theaters, to view privately in your home. (250 available)

Every donor will receive name & photo as a thank you in the film credits, a pre-release to stream the film 5 days before it is released and a kindle version of the companion book.
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The Nexus Institute 501(c3) focuses on TV, motion pictures, books and screenplays, along with award-winning documentaries and shorts. Our team has years of experience in media storytelling and developing well crafted engaging content. We invite you to view some of our past projects, and participate in our new initiatives.

The Nexus Institute
c/o The Shroud Film

46 Ben Rush Lane

Princeton, NJ 08540
EIN 80-0712414 501(c3)

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