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The Shroud is the world's most studied artifact.

The term "The Shroud of Turin" was searched
on Google 11 million times in 2021

It has been over 10 years since anyone has
released an in-depth  tv show, documentary or film on The Shroud (which has not included any major breakthroughs in recent scientific evidence)


 Objective: To create a feature-length documentary on The Shroud shown in theaters, streamed online, and for instruction in museums and classrooms to bring the meaning of Jesus and his crucifixion to modern life.



This documentary utilizes a storyteller and new testament scholar's eye to search the world's most studied artifact to find a match with the historical Jesus. With new digital recreations, expert interviews, and new digital technology, the creators have reconstructed the actual crime scene surrounding Jesus's crucifixion to erase the lines between Faith and Science for the first time. 

Writer-Filmmaker Robert Orlando claims that when we look through the lens of the Roman crucifixion, filled with turmoil and insurrections, to find the "criminal Jesus," we are coming face to face with the most transformative story of western history."


Ashamed King of The Jews, Jesus in the exposed Shroud —in the bloodstains and whippings -- we see the symbol of how one man's suffering transformed the world. But does the Shroud of Turin prove the story of Christ? The linen burial shroud covered a man who suffered crucifixion wounds, similar to Jesus of Nazareth. We know that scientific studies have shown that the image on the Shroud was not made of paint, dye, powder, or other artistic chemical and had no brush strokes. Instead, there are traces of hemoglobin, AB+ blood type, and a partial genetic profile. 


The Shroud of Turin's blood stains evidence points to its authenticity as a burial shroud, but the question remains, is it the Shroud of Jesus? 


The Shroud's unnatural image formed revealing a real face and man. Reflecting the wounds of crucifixion, but were they the wounds of Jesus? Details of HIs crucifixion were not common to Roman criminals. His crown of thorns, wounded side, nails on his wrists and feet, and presence of ferritin in the blood, which proves extreme torment, all point to the story familiar in the gospels. With the help of scholars, scientists, and experts, Author Filmmaker Orlando will reconstruct the narrative using forensic evidence to uncover if this could be the actual Jesus.


The church has yet to claim the Shroud's authenticity, but many popes have venerated it in its home at the Cathedral of Turin. Many skeptics continue to challenge its authenticity, but as John Paul II said, "The Shroud requires every person to grasp its profound message humbly to his reason and life." In that, the Shroud might "mirror the Gospel." Orlando agrees that "in our expanding digital age connecting the gospel story with the scientific evidence will spark a renaissance of interest in the origins of the Christian story and its profound impact on World History."


"The Shroud is a challenge to our intelligence. It first of all requires of every person, particularly the researcher, that he humbly grasp the profound message it sends to his reason and his life. The mysterious fascination of the Shroud forces questions to be raised about the sacred Linen and the historical life of Jesus.


For the believer, what counts above all is that the Shroud is a mirror of the Gospel. In fact, if we reflect on the sacred Linen, we cannot escape the idea that the image it presents has such a profound relationship with what the Gospels tell of Jesus' passion and death, that every sensitive person feels inwardly touched and moved at beholding it."




Robert Orlando's films have been shown worldwide and have included screenings at the White House and the Vatican. He founded Nexus Media, a cutting-edge agency offering Fortune 100 companies innovative messaging. As an author, he provides insight into ancient and modern history in books and films. His latest documentaries include Silence Patton and The Divine Plan: Reagan, John Paul II, and the Cold War's Dramatic End, which was #1 at the box office. His books include Amazon Bestseller, The Tragedy of Patton, and The Divine Plan. He's written screenplays and articles on a wide range of topics for HuffPostPatheosNewsmax, and Daily Caller and has been a guest on TV shows with Eric Metaxas and Mike Huckabee and CBN, and makes special appearances at colleges and universities.  He is currently finishing his graduate studies at Princeton Theological Seminary,  where he presently resides.


jp_photo copy.png

Jason Pearson has worked on marketing and creative for 61 films since first joining the team in 2004 for The Passion of the Christ. He has worked on 5 of the top 10 successful faith based films at the box office. His projects have included; Star Wars, Narnia, The Shack, Ben-Hur, Son of God, The Polar Express, Rocky and Unplanned.

Pearson is the Creative Director for the Southern California Shroud Center and provides creative consulting for the new Christ Cathedral in the Diocese of Orange.

Pearson is the founder of two technology companies (Blender Magazine and Online Giving/Starwire)  both successfully acquired. Pearson's creative work is featured in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewit Museum in NYC and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. His oil paintings are currently on display in Qatar as part of the Royal Al-Thani Family Collection.


"When we look through the lens of science at the Shroud to find the truth about Jesus, we are coming face to face with the most profound story of western history: A crucified and shamed man gives his life to change all humanity. How, in a brutal world, weakness, vulnerability, and sacrifice for others could revitalize the human spirit. To face Jesus in the exposed Shroud -- the bloodstains and whippings -- we see the picture proof of how one man's suffering transformed the world. The power of the Shroud reveals the core historical event that has defined us as a people in the life and death of Christ."

-- Writer-Director Robert Orlando





Founder of the Shroud Center of Southern California (SCSC). Over the past 20 years, Dr. Accetta’s collaborative work and personal relationships with many of the world’s key Shroud researchers has enabled SCSC to assemble an unparalleled advisory board that includes the top internationally recognized Shroud experts.




Official Documenting Photographer for the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project. Founder of the Shroud of Turin Website (, the most visited Shroud website and resource in the world with over ten million visitors from 160 countries. 




Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Padua University, author of The Shroud of Turin: First Century after Christ!, 2015. 




Founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project (STEP) and the Shroud Encounter Exhibit, which has been displayed at West Point, Penn State and Duke Universities. Featured in Shroud documentaries including The Holy Winding Sheet and The Real Face of Jesus on The History Channel. 




President of the Magis Center and the Spitzer Center. Former President of Gonzaga University, author and frequent speaker on the Shroud. 

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Mark Antonacci is an attorney and author who has studied all aspects of the Shroud of Turin for 34 years. He wrote The Resurrection of the Shroud (New York: M. Evans and Co., 2000), the most comprehensive book ever written on the Shroud until his landmark book, Test the Shroud, was published in 2015.




Wilson is author of the best-seller The Turin Shroud, and The Blood and the Shroud. Wilson also co-scripted the television documentary, The Silent Witness. 




Founder of Collegamento pro Sindone, a Shroud periodical founded in 1986, coordinator of the World Congress “Sindone 2000,” and author of one of the most recent books on the Shroud, Light from the Sepulchre, 2017. 




Marino is one of the world's leading scholars in the study of the Shroud and author of

The 1988 Dating Of The Shroud of Turin: A Stunning Exposé. He has spent over thirty years researching and compiling the relevant data pertaining to the test. 


Join us to bring The Shroud story to a new audience.

Jason Pearson

Robert Orlando

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The Divine Plan:
Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II,
and the Dramatic End to the Cold War


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